“...have provided me with a large support system.

Matthew scott freitas

“Through my almost four years of being an amputee, A Leg Forever Charitable Foundation has helped me to get many new legs that I need as a growing teen. Also, they've helped me to meet many other amputees whom I can relate to and have provided me with a large support system.  READ

7:55 PM EDT Sep 22, 2014


“...they are making a difference in so many lives and that they        helped me...”

Joe Mastaj 

“My name is Joe Mastaj and I was in a terrible boating accident in Vermont on August 30, 2014. I ended up becoming a below knee amputee that day. Growing up the youngest of three boys that played sports our entire lives I didn't know what to do or what was to come. One of my closest friend's aunt knew the mother of the marathon bombing survivors. After two weeks in a Vermont, hospital I was transferred to Spaulding Hospital in Charleston, MA.  That's where I met Liz and J.P Norden. They heard about what happened and took time out of their day to come and visit with me. I can't explain how much it meant to me to swap stories and experiences with JP.  Being able to ask him questions about rehabbing, how he's handling the changes and his new outlook on life truly changed mine forever. The Norden's A Leg Forever Foundation and the Norden family made the hardest time in my life that much easier. Whether it was coming by on a Friday night with drinks and snacks to make sure I was comfortable or to play cards with my friends and I or helping my family financially while I was in Spaulding to make sure that my family had enough parking. That year they honored me with being their annual golf charity recipient to help with the high costs of prosthesis' I would soon have to be fitted with. 

I've seen what this foundation has done in the past and what they continue to do for others in similar situations.  I can honestly say they are making a difference in so many lives and that they helped me through the hardest time of my life. 


Joe Mastaj  
7:55 PM EDT Sep 22, 2014

“The hope they gave tommy, we could never repay that...”

julie Cox, tommy's mother

The Norden brothers hosted a golf tournament at Bear Hill Golf Club to raise money for a $150,000 prosthetic leg for Tommy.  Julie Cox, Tommy’s mother, praised the Nordens for their generosity and said the brothers helped show Tommy he can take on whatever he wants in life despite his injury. READ 

7:55 PM EDT Sep 22, 2014