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Making a Difference In The Lives of Amputees

Apply to Run for A Leg Forever in Boston 2024

A LEG FOREVER CHARITABLE FOUNDATION is now an official charity of
2024 Boston Marathon!

Do you have a passion for running? Are you a charitable person who loves to help others?

Submit an application to be a member of our 2024 A Leg Forever Boston Marathon Team.

We are Sold Out!

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Ten years ago, the lives of two brothers from Stoneham, MA, changed forever.  J.P. and Paul Norden each lost a leg in the bombings at the Boston Marathon finish line. In the decade
since they have gained so much more.


“In a lot of ways of ways, it changed me for the better,”
J.P. said It’s that positive outlook that keeps J.P. going all these years later. “I don’t ever think about the bombing, ever,” he said. 
“My day is my day. I get up, I put my leg on and I do what I’ve got to do just like everybody else.”

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We are forever grateful for all the love, generosity, and support that was shown to my Boys and Family! To see it continue on with A Leg Forever is humbling, touching, and amazing! Not enough words to say THANK YOU! 


A Leg Forever Charitable Foundation, Inc.

a 501 (c)(3), nonprofit charitable foundation established by Liz Norden, Mother of JP and Paul Norden,
Boston Marathon Survivors whom each lost a leg in the bombings of April 15, 2013. The mission of this foundation is to "pay it forward", by assisting amputees (Massachusetts residents only) who lost limbs under tragic circumstances just as the Norden family was helped in their time of need.


We Succeed in Assisting Amputees with Your Help...

​How to Help: 

It is with your donation you can assist amputees with many of the support needs starting a new life as an amputee. Your donation helps fund our mission to provide prostheses to individuals in need.


A Leg Forever is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Who We Help: 

IMPORTANT: A Leg Forever can only provide assistance to Massachusetts resident amputees who have been injured in horrific accidents.

Get Involved:

Tell your family and friends. One of the most powerful ways to support
A Leg Forever is to spread the word! Making a gift or having a fundraiser
are great ways to support our mission.

Sign Up for Our eNewsletter and Make a Difference:

Too often amputees cannot afford the prostheses they deserve.
At ALF, we help amputees to pursue their dreams.

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2023 A Leg Forever Recipient:

Joe Merrick

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