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Our A Leg Forever Recipients

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Tom Sheehan

Apply for Amputee Support for MA Residents




(NOTE: To apply for amputee support, you MUST be a Massachusetts resident and injured in a horrific accident)
We review all applications carefully for this criteria and are limited in our assistance.
Thank you for your complete understanding.

Application for Amputee Help from A Leg Forever

Making a Difference in the Lives of  Amputees

Thank you for your application!

Tom Sheehan

Tom Sheehan – 2022 A Leg Forever Recipient

When JP & Paul lost their right legs in 2013, Michelle Macaluso & Melaine both employees at the Dockside restaurant in Wakefield, Massachusetts jumped into action with fundraisers donating for my boys.Humbling, overwhelming, and unbelievable are just a few words that ran through Liz Norden's head. They were in awe of the generosity, the outpouring of love, and support from the Dockside employees and patrons.

Nine years later and these two are still helping others. Michelle reached out to the
A Leg Forever Foundation about one of her co-workers; Tom Sheehan. She explained how Tom has been an amputee for o
ver 30 years but lives in pain every day. How most days he is unable to wear his old prosthetic and now he needed help.

Unbeknownst to Michelle, several others reached out to ALF requesting help for this most deserving man. So. on Sunday, January 16, 2022, Liz and JP Norden from ALF went to surprise Tom. He was informed that ALF with the help of a prosthetic company, would help him with a new prosthetic leg!

It is with your donations and support, A Leg Forever is able to help amputees like Tom Sheehan. Tom should be up on his feet pain-free soon because of you! Your donation gives hope for a better future.

Jennie McCarthy

Jennie McCarthy – 2017 A Leg Forever Recipient


To say I’m grateful for all that Liz, Paul, and JP Norden do is an understatement. I still look back at the picture of meeting them in my room at Spaulding. I was around 50 days into my hospitalization. I was 21, my life seemed ruined, seemed like I’d never be able to move on from my amputation. I was scared.


When I met the Nordens they brought a sense of hope, they brought strength and they brought laughter. Paul and Jp talked with me for a while, about how they play golf, how they work, how they have relationships, and how living as an amputee is extremely doable.
Not only did they lift my spirit and encourage me, they stuck with me.


A Leg Forever chose me as a person they would sponsor in the 2017 Boston Marathon. They raised several thousand dollars for me. I couldn’t believe it! They truly made me feel loved and like family. We were all in this together. I put that support toward my first leg.
I now had an amputee f
amily and I wanted to make them proud after all they had done for me. At my lowest point, I thought of them, I threw my crutches to the ground, taught myself to walk, and never looked back. 


A Leg Forever helped me through the hardest part of my life and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. I'm forever a part of A Leg Forever.“


"A Leg Forever will always be something I cherish."

Tommy Cox

Tommy Cox – 2014 A Leg Forever Recipient

Boston Marathon Survivors Help Boy Toward Football Dream

Stoneham Brothers, JP & Paul Norden, were severely injured during the second blast at the Boston Marathon bombing, each brother lost a leg.


A year and a half later, the Norden family formed their new charity, "A Leg Forever," to help others who have lost limbs. One of the first recipients is a local 12-year-old who lost his leg in a boating accident. This past year my family was introduced to a young 12-year-old boy at Spaulding Rehab named Tommy - North Andover Patch

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